Stairlift Rental

Essex Stairlifts can offer fast fitting of rental stairlifts on a short-term basis.

We charge £350 for the initial installation of the stairlift. This fee also covers the removal of the lift when it is no longer required. Thereafter we charge £45 per month. This charge comes with NO hidden extras and there is no fixed term or contract. You can hire the stairlift for as long or as short a period as required and any maintenance or repairs are included in the cost. Any overpayments will be refunded after the stairlift is removed.

Rent Before You Buy

We are now offering a “rent before you buy” scheme.

You can specify at the time of booking that you might like to buy your rental lift in the future.

You will pay a £450 installation fee and we fit a new stairlift of your choice, either a Brooks 130 or Handicare Simplicity. The rental fee is less than £13 per week (£55 per month). If you decide that you want to buy the stairlift after all, we will charge you the cost of the stairlift, less the £450 installation fee and transfer the ownership of the stairlift to you. You will not get a refund of any weekly payments that have been made.

Unfortunately, we can currently only supply rental stairlifts to customers with straight stairs.

  • Affordable Monthly Payments
  • No Contract
  • Fast Installation
  • Free Maintenance
  • Free Breakdown Cover