How to deal with frustrarion at school

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5th May 2018
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13th May 2018

9 tips for freshman on how to deal with frustration from school

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This is disappointing as the chicken pox. You do not have chickenpox in childhood, can get in old age with terrible complications. So, cheer on health. Ill with melancholy and disappointment in the first year is normal. Now I will tell you what will happen next.

1. There is one teacher whom everyone would fall in love. Or almost everything. It is unlikely he or she will be kind. Rather, it will be strict. He’s older friend, passionate about his subject and carries you. It would be good to enroll him on the course. But all will flock to it. Don’t worry if you can’t manage to get through. A good man will never give you advice. If you hesitate to go write him a letter in the mail. Or in social networks you sleep — ask him an interesting question.

2. Will appear the teacher, which few people like, but you are caught. Think about what it is you hooked. He told interesting? Or is it on your grandfather like? Or she dress cool, and that’s such overshoes you could use? It is also good. It is possible for boots to cling to, and for the grandfather.

Any sympathy requires development. Sympathy in learning the important thing

3. You think that you arrived at one thing and you teach another. And why would you, a future biochemist, physical exercise? And on a Fig to you, the future journalist, the ancient Scandinavian epic? And the scientist math? Take, useful. The all-pass games will be preference considered, if that. Or a sudden flash quote from the “Elder Edda” in front of potential leadership in employment in the Norwegian company. In an extreme case, read a potential mother-in rare Yesenin, she will appreciate you will be counted.

4. Be patient, soon will be the specialization, will tell you some clever. So. Specialization may be, but maybe not. It all depends on you. You know what you will have a specialization? In fact, in the first year no one knows. Entered the biology, wanted to study the seals. And the coincidence of different circumstances became interested annelids in the fourth year. Or the problem of human flight as a biological object on Mars, and you’d want to teach will not. Will docile calm lions and annelid worms, you never know with whom mankind will have to fly to Mars, not to mention the meeting with the ethereal seals. And about flight to Mars will pick up a master’s course from the third (if you’re a nerd). And better with a fourth, if you normal slobs and are interested in something else besides worms.

5. About the interest in something else: let’s not build idealists. Of course, you skip and will skip. Cheated and will cheat.

To fill up something will. That’s okay too. It is abnormal not to. It is the socialization and skills of communication, if you want

And experience of working in a stressful environment (izvorachivanie on the exam, the invention of the periodic table, the opening of the third eye). All this is very useful on. Just don’t get carried away with truancy and izvorachivanie. Everything is good in moderation. Need to find a balance. Any successful person knows how to find a balance between personal and work in stressful situations. They always will be. And in personal situations too.

6. A bit of cynicism. If you are studying on a budget, the task of merchants from the University (as they always have) to make you effective. Do not give them this pleasure, hold on to the budget. I mean study well at least from harm. If you just received paid — do not think that four years of undergraduate for the money you will save from deductions. After all, it’s a financial pleasure for businessmen from a higher education institution is to teach you not four years, for the money, but five or six. Don’t let wild capitalism to mock the young talents.

7. Old nags. Yes, they are everywhere. Professors who despise communication in social networks. Not kept in the hands of the seventh iPhone. Not knowing that such transportation promo in virtual reality, and not working in the multimedia services. However, the people who invented all this, learned just have them think about it and take back what they have absorbed. Something is always there.

I know a very elderly Professor, who still teaches and carries long-outdated nonsense in the classroom — and I love him and always tried to persuade students to go for it, look at it, listen to it. Long forgotten, but I remember who he was. Look, kids: before you the person who was holding the balls of half of the country called the Soviet Union, controlling all TV and radio. Ifthe influence of Ernst add dobrodeeva Yes, times all a little bit media managers, but after all, you have to multiply by 15 (the number of Soviet republics) — that it is he in his Prime.

Want to be like him? You don’t want? Watch him, listen. Think about life, career, destiny. About old age, eventually. Long ago, when I studied, and in financial Institute, old Solomon Aronovich Rappoport nicknamed the Plane Aerodromes Airport told us the first course: “Remember, kids! Your generation will be no pensions!” I knew it from the first course. And now I say it to you. You, too, will not, I just know it. So look, look, how is the glory of the earth, and live my life differently.

8. Assholes. That is, classmates. So does the universe, what with some of them you will remain, no matter how they may seem. Yes, that’s life. No time to explain why — just remember that. And take for granted that it is foolish to fight with the laws of the universe.

9. You read all eight previous councils and decided that the aunt was a fool, and you these tips will help. This scenario is also described in the research literature on observations of the development problems of freshmen. Then two ways. Watch a little while, and aunt you’ll appreciate it the first way. The second way is not yours. And that’s okay too. Throw the hell out of this school and look for another. Well, not a man in the 16-17 and even 20 years (know cases and about 30-40) to choose a profession correctly. Aunt herself. Seek and ye shall find. How to write in tattoo parlors: AES fac ut felix vivas (do this to live happily). Maybe you don’t need higher education. Just remember that you might regret, but time will be lost. And you can not regret ever. Not for the diploma you live. But for what? It’s time to think until it is.

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