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5th May 2018
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13th May 2018

How to behave at the exam.

The exam is always stressful. But what prevents us to deal with it? Prepare to answer oral examination is a complicated and important stage. You will be able to recall will largely depend on your rating. If you have a good visual memory and you are well prepared for the exam, the page of the textbook itself before my eyes.You only need to focus and always stay calm. If you are excited, you close your eyes, relax, remembering for a moment something funny or pleasant.

So, another piece of advice.

1. After you come to a working state, read the questions. Do not despair and do not worry if at first you find that you do not know anything. It happens a lot. Active recall is a difficult and complex process. Start with what you know. If a question you know well, start with it. In preparing to answer you subconsciously will remember the rest of the questions. And it’s okay if you have something can’t remember exactly. In the end, having extensive knowledge about the subject, to much to think independently.

2. Fix the most basic. Record or make a response plan. In order to answer your knowledge was consistent, leave free space for those items that you’ll remember later. If we cannot recall a definition, a formula – miss the place and come back to it later. Remember: never go to answer with a clean sheet, even if you are an overachiever. The records help you and the examiner if you need to make a choice.

3. Just the facts. Remember: the answer must contain facts and valuable information. Pouring “water”, you run the risk of drowning or “swim”… it is Known that a few specific numbers, details, facts have a much more profound impact on the interlocutor than a lengthy discourse throughout the theme answer.

4. Watch the examiner. Before you go to respond, you must observe the examiner: what is his reaction and the degree of their manifestation, as far as he is friendly or the opposite – annoyed that he does for people. This information is very useful to you when you reply.

5. If you have finished training and was pretty sure nothing on this issue do not remember the rest. Look around, observe how responsible the previous entrant. Maybe in his response, you will hear something that might be useful to you. The fact that the content of the questions, especially in the social Sciences, very much crossed, it is sometimes enough to listen to his predecessor, to greatly enrich your answer.

6. Separately want to say about Cribs. Of course, to cheat with cheat sheets all the text to the letter you are unlikely, but sometimes you need once “one eye” look into it. This happens if you are firmly convinced that this formula you do not remember and therefore put her in the crib. Here, everyone operates at their own risk, especially since the examiner usually sees everything. So just in case, remember: after you “one eye” look in the crib, you will have to shake hands and mix all that in mind, at least, ten minutes. The thing is that cheating with cheat sheets extremely stressful situation. The amount of immediate memory at the same time sharply decreases, and eventually have to rewrite almost every word, and then looking at the crib. Not to notice such behavior of the applicant, the examiner simply is unable to.

And if the exam is written, for example testing? How to behave in this case? Here are some universal recipes for successful test execution tactics.

  1. Focus! Hurry slowly! Rigid time frames should not affect the quality of the responses.
  2. Start with an easy one! Start to answer those questions in the knowledge that there is no doubt. So you will be free from nervousness and all the energy will be directed to more difficult questions.
  3. Miss! We need to learn to pass difficult or unclear task: in the text there are always issues that you must manage.
  4. Read the job until the end! Otherwise you can make annoying mistakes in the easiest questions.
  5. Think only about the current job!
  6. Exclude! Many tasks can be solved quickly, if not immediately look for the correct answer, and consistently exclude those that clearly do not fit.
  7. Leave time to check their work in order to catch up the eyes and notice the obvious mistakes.
  8. In any case, no matter how the process of exam preparation, a positive attitude is important. Because any peaks obey, right? Good luck!

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